The UX designer role involves:

• Working with target users in usability tests and contextual research
• Performing expert evaluations of interactive products
• Getting involved in product discovery work – workshops, personas, canvasses, journey maps
• Delivering interaction design sketches, wireframes, and prototypes that follow established design patterns, theory, and primary research
• Presenting deliverables to clients, and running workshops
• Marketing, design, networking, public speaking, blogging… anything that helps make the company tick.
And the manager version of that also involves commercial work: pitching, proposing, building client relationships. Maybe you can do that too?
We sometimes work in a waterfall context, but always try to work in a lean way. And increasingly we’re getting to work in proper Lean UX/Agile structures – which we love.

You need to be:

• Talented. At relating to target users, organising information, leading groups, designing interactive systems.
• Engaging and interested. You exist most happily at the place where disciplines meet. Technology, design, communication, research and business analysis to name a few. Anthropology, project management, strategy and marketing to name a few more. You started off in one of those spaces – but you always had an aptitude for a few of the others too.
• Educated and experienced. You need a good degree and at least 3 years relevant industry experience.
• Entrepreneurial. There’s no opportunity to slack off. We do what needs to be done to get the work in and dazzle clients and users.
• Client facing. You need to be able to present your services, ideas, findings and creations to clients in a compelling way. Persuade, engage, inspire – even when you’re in at the deep end.

And what’s in it for you?

• A competitive salary, plus pension, medical and bonus. There’s a training/conference budget too.
• A successful, worthwhile, challenging place to work. Deloitte has access to amazing opportunities in South Africa and Worldwide. Deloitte Digital is already 4000 people strong, with studios on 5 continents.
• An incredibly friendly, entrepreneurial culture – and some of the smartest people you could hope to meet.
• A job that uses a broad range of skills from research to design. You don’t just sit in the same box.
• Mentorship from some of the most experienced UX designers in South Africa.

To apply

You must be able to work in South Africa (citizen/permanent resident/work permit), or we will not consider you for this job.  We’re sorry.
Send a CV in PDF format to Please specify which city you'd like to work in.

If possible, include a portfolio. In the email, tell us the top three things we need to know about you.
Think about the experience we, the users of your CV and portfolio, will have reading it. (We’ll give you a hint – reading CVs gets really boring).