How can we simplify and make board meetings more efficient by providing a unique experience for C-suite executives?


The BoardPack contains a library of board meetings that a Director has to attend and by selecting a board meeting the Director has instant access to:

  • 12 month share price performance metrics
  • Key financial information for the company (income, expenditure, etc.)
  • Board meeting documentation is made available as PDF documents in a dedicated Library section in the app. Once a PDF is opened a Director can:
    • Navigate via either a static text-based table of contents or a visual thumbnail table of contents
    • Full text search
    • Download and store PDF in the application for offline access
    • Copy text on a page
    • Annotations for taking notes
    • Bookmark pages
  • A notes facility allows Directors to take notes that are then saved on the device and optionally synced back to a remote server
  • Task list functionality is available as a separate tab that allows Directors to complete a defined list of tasks but they also have the option to create their own tasks
  • Agenda details are stored as a separate tab and this holds key agenda information for the actual board meeting as well as any travel plans that may have been actioned for the Director

Works on:

  • iPad

Applied Offerings

  • Mobile
  • Strategy

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