The biggest challenge the Deloitte Digital UX team was faced with was to translate the content of a standard long email, to a mobile interface where content is easily digestible. The solution the team came up with? Smaller bite size chunks of content available in a tile format on the landing page where an employee can scan the articles to get an overview of the news. The employee is then also able to access more detail on articles by clicking on the tiles. Another key feature includes an archive mechanism where users are able to access historical content.

Benefits of Daily Planet

The app comes with a CMS where the admin is able to add and manage content on a daily basis. It’s a simple and easy process and includes the ability to upload and link to various types of assets such as PDF documents, images and video material. The weather and exchange rate widgets provide users with real-time information. The app contains articles and event articles, as well as links to hot jobs that is managed via an external system.

Works on

The Daily Planet application is an internal facing application where employees log into the app with their Active Directory credentials. The app is contained within the Deloitte on the Move mobile framework (also developed by the Deloitte Digital team) and is accessible on iOS and Android phones.

Applied Offerings

  • Mobile
  • Strategy

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