How can we simplify the staff onboarding process and make it fun and interactive at the same time?


Companies employ new talent on a monthly basis and often invests significant effort in making the induction process a memorable one for its new recruits. Expectations are created of what working at a company is like, however their journey integrating into the organisation is often not as seamless as it could be. Deloitte Digital created the Induction app as a platform to augment the induction process across x3 phases:

  • Pre induction: insights into the on boarding requirements and meet potential colleagues
  • Induction: interactive digital content, create networks, learn & innovate
  • Post induction: step by step guide on what new hires should be doing in their first 3 months

The app was designed as a business game that targets new employees’ hunger for activity, competition and engagement by setting up quizzes and quests where players are incentivised to perform tasks in the real world to find answers, compete and share ideas with other colleagues who have similar interests. The Induction app ultimately aims to reduce the overall level of churn in the organisation.

Benefits of the Induction app:

  • Provide instant feedback from the ecosystem on the impact of daily decisions
  • Create order and clear objectives
  • Make participation compelling and fun
  • Provide a sense of achievement for overcoming a challenge
  • Provide a platform to embrace the competitive nature of some people

Works on:

  • iPad
  • iPhone
  • Android Phones
  • Android Tablets
  • Applied Offerings

    • Mobile
    • Social
    • Strategy
    • Web

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