With the proliferation of smartphone devices in South Africa and the growing trend towards digitally based community participation, the Lifestruck team approached Deloitte Digital with the opportunity to create a mobile based platform for the Lifestruck well-being program.


Deloitte Digital built a mobile internet enabled platform for Lifestruck. The mobi site portal allows users to register online to start to their journey with the Lifestruck program. With in the mobi site, registered users receive an online health assessment, the ability to create and schedule sporting events with friends and engage with Lifestruck wellness content all from their mobile device browser.


Building a mobi site allowed Lifestruck to engage with an audience that wasn’t specifically on one mobile platform like iOS, Android or BlackBerry. Through a mobi site, any smartphone device with a browser can access the Lifestruck portal and begin or continue to engage with the Lifestruck brand via their mobile device.

For Lifestruck this provided a fast and effective route to market given the time that developing for multiple native mobile platforms can command.

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  • Web

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