Deloitte Digital developed a social media strategy for the Business to Business banking relationships. This project established a view of current opportunities and prioritized the most appropriate social networking channels to utilize. This extended into an accelerated strategy project for Nedbank Group, where Deloitte Digital facilitated decisions across Nedbank Group, and retail and wholesale clusters.


The accelerated strategy brought a number of key stakeholders together to consolidate the social media approach. Deloitte Digital assisted with mapping of internal and external networks and demonstrated that LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook were the most effective channels to use. As part of the implementation with Nedbank Capital, Deloitte Digital assisted with the measurement systems and operational structures around the platforms.

In addition, Deloitte assisted with the deployment of the first corporate blog within the Nedbank Group.


The accelerated strategy resulted in operational changes within Nedbank Group. Nedbank Capital decided to effectively utilize Twitter and the blog presence to grow the eminence of the Nedbank Capital subject matter experts. This has shown increased coverage of Nedbank Capital through Twitter followers, YouTube videos and Facebook for students.

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