The POPI app is a tool to help organisations manage the Protection of Privacy and Information (POPI) bill transition through a feature rich mobile tablet application. With POPI being a real concern, as well as a hot topic, for companies this app helps companies manage and track infringements on the new bill.

The Business Dashboard allows users to filter incidents by type, status, risk rank and month and through innovative bubble boxes incidents are plotted on a timeline and grow in size based on severity and number of days open and this helps officers identify issues that need urgent resolution. The timeline can be dragged across to different days and the boxes dynamically change based on the previous priority for that day.

The Incident Management section is where users actually action items within the application. Users can report an incident from here or view a summary (or detailed listing) of incidents that have been reported or that have been closed. This section also features a Business Status view which plots the number of closed, open, escalated and reallocated incidents via a line graph on a month-to-month basis. In addition, all critical news relating to POPI is aggregated into the application so that users can keep abreast with the latest developments or any other key information around POPI.

Works on:

iPad, Android coming soon.

Applied Offerings

  • Content Management
  • Mobile
  • Strategy

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  • MTN App of the Year Silver for most innovative app

Core functionality

Companies can appoint a privacy “officer” who in turn has “deputies” who track, manage, add and close incidents on a case by case basis.

The app also displays a data visualisation of the life-cycle of all incidents from when they are added to when they are eventually closed.

The app also has escalations built into it and based on business rules, will automatically escalate and highlight incidents that have not been dealt with within a certain time frame.

Users are also able to have conversations around incidents as and when required as well as re-assign and manually escalate any incidents.

Push notifications were built into the system allowing deputies to be instantly notified of incidents assigned to them as well as changes in the system.

Key Features

Push Notifications.
Infringement life cycle dashboard.
Individual performance measurement.
Logging and closing of infringements.