Sasol hosts a number of internal conferences on an annual basis and was looking for innovative ideas that would enable them to host a roadshow with a difference. Sasol wanted to give its employees a unique experience and wanted to encourage them on their learning journey.


Deloitte Digital suggested that Sasol embrace the Bring-Your-Own Application trend to their working environment. There was a clear need to create something exciting and engaging while still saving costs in line with Sasol’s cost optimization strategy. Sasol engaged with Deloitte Digital to create a lightweight native iPad application and a mobile site that would be used on the road show.


Deloitte Digital created the mobile solutions in two weeks and had two main benefits for Sasol:

  • Cost savings: no need to print event brochures, pamphlets, messages from Sasol HR Leadership, schedule of events, floor plans, thought leadership publications
  • Creating an engaging experience of, and idea sharing through: voting, surveys, and a comment wall, which provided a new and exciting way to interact with the content that is presented (sharing experiences through photos, and creating and maintaining connections through LinkedIn)

In addition, Sasol benefited from key insights and sentiment through the surveys and the comment wall, which were addressed in real time on the day and which were analyzed to support the implementation of the Sasol HR Academy.

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